“As a first time piano parent and student I would strongly recommend Piano Made Fun. Supportive, caring and professional teachers allows your children to thrive!”

Lynn - Holland Park West


“Piano Made Fun creates a positive environment to teach and learn music. Patrice's love for the piano has grown dramatically over the past two years because of Piano Made Fun”

Katerina - West End


“Both my son and daughter started learning with Piano Made Fun and they have learnt to love and enjoy music. I have already happily recommended them to friends. They are both encouraged and challenged to do their best.”

Madonna - Greenslopes


“I would recommend Piano Made Fun. The teachers are patient with great incentives which encourage children to do and enjoy their lessons and home practices as well. Parents and students can see their progress from week to week!”

Susan - Greenslopes


"Angelina is a methodical professional and inspiring piano teacher that truly loves what she does. That is evidenced through the rapport she develops with her students in order to consistently get the best out of them.”

Effie - Holland Park


“Angelina's patience, love of piano and her extensive musical and teaching experience has nutured and developed my three children's piano playing ability to a high level. The high standard they have reached through her excellent tuition has delievered pleasing examination results and a lifelong passion and skill that can never be taken away from them."

​Maria - Carindale


“Angelina makes learning piano enjoyable and challenging, keeping the kids motivated. Jack has achieved a great deal with Angelina and Alex has also down well. I doubt our kids would have had the same result with any other teacher. The kids have never said they don't want to go to piano. You've done a great job, many thanks!"

James - Fairfield


"As a first time student, Lachie has thoroughly enjoyed learning piano with Angelina. She encourages him and pushes him to the right level at the right time"    

Jenny- Greenslopes


“Amalie is provided with structured and clear exercises for both theory and practical components. Amalie gets a large amount of pleasure from piano and is always keen to come.”

Tim - Greenslopes


“Nicolas has improved a lot and he always looks forward to his classes. He plans new songs to play and he continuously pays attention to the music when practicing at home.”

Maria - Holland Park West