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Piano Made Fun since 2005.

Amanda.C - Greenslopes






Piano lessons help your child develop cognitive skills and also build their ability to express their music skills and emotions. Research shows that piano lessons can help children attain their full mental, emotional, and academic development. Studies have shown that children who learn the piano can achieve up to 30% improvement in mathematics, reading, and comprehension skills. Give your children a head start at school by enrolling them in piano lessons, giving them the opportunity to sharpen their mental and cognitive skills.


Alternatively, if you are an adult pursuing music lessons, it may be that you've always wanted to learn that song you always loved or develop your own music, whichever the reason Piano Made fun can help you develop a new talent or continue to enhance your skills and ignite your passion.


We teach a range of music including Jazz, Pop, Latin, Making your own music, Exams and more...


We are qualified to train our students for exams from:

Preliminary Grade to Grade 8

Exam Programs include - AMEB Classical, Piano For Leisure & P Plate


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Duo Deal

Duo Deal is 2 students with the one teacher. Requirements: Students need to be at the same level of learning. 


Wanted to learn but were to afraid to do it by yourself ? Maybe you just wanted some company ie friend, sibling or college.


Have fun together, learn at the same pace, share notes and save the cost.  

Enquire about the Duo Deal Program


Enquire about the Duo Deal Program.



“Angelina's patience, love of piano and her extensive musical and teaching experience has nutured and developed my three children's piano playing ability to a high level. The high standard they have reached through her excellent tuition has delievered pleasing examination results and a lifelong passion and skill that can never be taken away from them."

​Maria - Carindale


“As a first time piano parent and student I would strongly recommend Piano Made Fun. Supportive, caring and professional teachers allows your children to thrive!”

Lynn - Holland Park West


"Both my son and daughter started learning with Piano Made Fun 6 years ago and they have learnt to love and enjoy music. I have already happily recommended them to friends. They are both encouraged and challenged to do their best.

Madonna - Greenslopes 


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Group Class







Have you ever wanted to do a course tailored specially

to a genre of music you were interested in?


Group Class Workshops are a perfect way to do this.

We cover genres such as: 

  • Pop

  • Jazz  

  • Latin  

  • Rock 

  • Making up your own music (Improvisation) and more...



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In Theory Lessons, you will gain theoretical knowledge that will benefit your piano playing and understanding.  We usually learn via the Blitz Book Series. You can choose to do individual or group classes.


Classes include:


  • Complete beginner 

  • AMEB Exam Group [Grade 1 - 3]

  • AMEB Exam Group [Grade 1 - 3]

  • Individual Theory Classes


We are qualified to have Theory Exams here out our studio.
Grades we offer: Preliminary to Grade 5 Theory Exams.  


Enquire about our Theory Lessons.