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Alternatively, if you are an adult pursuing music lessons, it may be that you have always wanted to learn that song you love or develop your own music or you have taken lessons in the past and wish to fill in the gaps that you didn't quite master. Whatever the reason, Piano Made Fun can help you develop a new talent or continue to enhance your skills and ignite your passion.


Benefits of learning the piano in adulthood


"Music lessons have shown to have a positive effect on mental health, physical health, and social functioning in adults, regardless of their ability. Some studies have even linked music making to better functioning of the immune system. Research shows that music activities (both music listening and music making) can influence adults’ perceptions about the quality of their lives. Some research has examined the effects of music listening on biological markers of health and subjective perceptions of wellbeing." (Coffman, D. D. (2002). Music and quality of life in adults. Psychomusicology, 18 (1-2), 76-88)


We are qualified to train our students for exams from:

Preliminary Grade to Grade 8

Exam Programs include - AMEB Classical, Piano For Leisure & P Plate


If you are a beginner 30 minutes is recommended.

Below are our recommended lesson times for the student's level.


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Why Individual Lesson?


"Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination..." Plato stated. We believe that at Piano Made Fun learning music is one of the most profound aspects a person can experience in their life and this is why we are so passionate to pass on these skills to our students.



For children, piano lessons with a Piano Made Fun teacher can increase their confidence, as well give them an appreciation for one of education's most rich and rewarding disciplines. Research shows that children learning piano can achieve up to a thirty percent improvement in mathematics, reading and comprehension skills as well as assist their mental cognitive, emotional and academic developments. Couple this with Piano Made Fun's understanding of the unique needs and learning style of each child, and you can feel comfortable knowing you have given your child the best possible start in their music journey.


Benefits of piano lessons for children

  • Academic and mental development

  • Improves emotional health

  • Personality and positive attitude

  • Sharpens concentration

  • Improves co-ordination (using both sides of the brain)

  • Confidence